Suhl, hiking town in the Thuringian Forest

 The wonderful location amid the Thuringian Forest is one of the distinctive features of Suhl and many other towns in the region. Remarkable however are the numerous hiking cabins around the city. Even comparisons with the highly frequented Alps show that there are not as many hiking cabins in a limited space as there are around Suhl. The cabins are mostly run on a voluntary basis by rambling clubs. This is the reason why regular hikers visit the cabins frequently. There is no better way to get in contact with locals. The menus focus on basic cabin food, which however is hefty, lovingly arranged and tastes delicious. In addition the prices are low and the locations of the cabins are idyllic.

Business location Suhl
Foto: Verlag und Druckerei Freies Wort   Image

Suhl gained a worldwide reputation for its traditions in the production of firearms. 1535 was the beginning of the history of the gunsmithing trade. The unique junction of keeping up traditions, handicraft and modern production, services, vocational training, sport shooting and other leisure activities shape the image of the town. As an independent town and centre of South Thuringia Suhl is also known because of its regional, partly national function as administrative, cultural and shopping town.

Suhl, a mecca for enthusiasts of arms for hunting and sport

Suhler Waffe The history of the city and the traditions of its citizens have  always been affected by the trade of arms. There is a unique connection between the cultivation of traditions, craftwork and the modern production of arms, services, training, sport shooting and offered leisure activities which are part of the image of the city. In the Middle Ages the town was called "Europe's Armoury".